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RDMT Consultants Pty Ltd is a boutique styled broking house and consulting company which, in partnership with Health Insurance Consultants Australia (HICA), specialise in providing medical insurance for Australian citizens, international non-residents on 400 series Visas working, studying or travelling in Australia and international expatriate health insurance for Australian expatriates on international assignment. RDMT Consultants is headed by Director Berry Treffers who has many years’ experience in the expatriate medical insurance and employee benefits market and is recognised as one of Australia's leading brokers in this field.

Private International Medical Insurance or Travel Insurance?

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Medical health insurance costs money and like every major financial decision, it deserves careful thought. So what are the pros and cons of having international medical insurance? First, the cons. You have to pay for it. And you might never make a claim. But that’s about it. The list of pros is much longer: no worrying about [...]