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Shield GEO are a Global Employment Organization with years of expertise to help you manage and employ your international employees. Shield GEO assist clients in new markets where they do not have an incorporated entity. Corporate staff can be hired quickly and at a reasonable cost, while Shield GEO handle all aspect of local employment and payroll requirements. For more information about Shield GEO contact Tim Burgess on tburgess@shieldgeo.com

What Your Remote Workers Aren’t Telling You

By |2019-03-25T15:27:49+11:00March 25th, 2019|Global Talent Pipelines, Mobile Policy Design, Mobility, Policy, Relocation, Remote Workers, Risk, Strategy, Talent Management|

Even the most considerate employers will find it difficult to know what their employees are thinking and how they are feeling. This is only made more difficult when employees work remotely and is further exacerbated when they are based internationally. With the many acknowledged benefits of hiring remotely – including access to great talent, [...]