About Tony Ridley

With over 30 years of experience in the international risk management and response field, Tony offers a unique perspective affecting businesses and individuals operating across borders in changing environments and technologies. His career spans government, corporate and commercial sectors. With practical, hands-on and senior executive management experience, Tony has delivered, developed and managed an array of operational and management services for hundreds of clients. Working with travel technology companies, he has developed a number of customised travel risk management products and solutions. Tony has also acted as a subject matter expert in complex, international legal affairs. He is currently doing a Masters Degree in Security and Risk Management. If you'd like to talk to Tony about the above email him at tony.ridley@intelligenttravel.com.au

Technology Travel People Risk and Progress

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Technology Travel Risk People & Progress It comes as no shock that technology is evolving, changing, and becoming more common in our daily and professional lives. We now have devices for devices, and they talk! What is not so visible and unknown to most is the uneven rate of change and how it is [...]