Dress To Impress For Interviews

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How to dress for an interview is an important matter. Your personal presentation and appearance will contribute significantly to the first impression you make on the interviewer. With such a high percentage of communication being non-verbal, it is essential that you instantly convey professionalism and confidence as soon as you enter an interview. The way [...]

How to write an effective resume Part 2: A step by step guide to writing an Australian resume

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Now that you are familiar with The Basics [link to Blog #1] of writing an effective resume, what are the specifics of writing a resume for the Australian job market? Preparing an impressive resume is unquestionably dependent on adhering to local cultural and professional practices. What to include on an Australian resume  1. Contact details [...]

How to write an effective resume Part 1: The Basics

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A resume provides a first impression to a potential employer. It should represent you as a professional, qualified and appropriate candidate for the job. Taking the time to perfect your resume will certainly be worth the effort and should be a high priority in your job search. Here are some tips to writing an effective [...]