Nicola Milks Mobility Opportunities For Fonterra

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When an opportunity to move to New Zealand to accept a role with global dairy giant Fonterra came up, Nicola Spencer didn’t look back. It was a far cry from the HR role she held for a Sydney engineering consultancy in various human resources roles and was ready for a fresh challenge. The Sydneysider has [...]

The Changing World of Work

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In this issue, Deborah de Cerff, TEMI Founder, talks with Brynne Kennedy, Topia CEO, about the opportunities and challenges global mobility has for today’s changing workforce. Brynne Kennedy, Founder / CEO Topia Three major trends have changed the nature of work today: (1) an increasingly global and complex inter-dependent economy, (2) changing demographics [...]

Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps

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Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps “a delightful delicacy of a read; a recipe for cultural success and a must for your leadership library” Are you fascinated but frustrated by cultural differences? Have you stood on the edge of cultural ‘gaps’ and wondered how on earth to bridge them? Working across cultures can [...]

What is cultural intelligence?

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In today’s global market, an international mindset is paramount to good business practice. From staff relocating to our shores, to Australian talent assigned overseas and to the majority of employees who interact on a daily basis with colleagues, suppliers, customers and clients based in other countries, cultural intelligence is the key to success. Patti McCarthy [...]

Top 5 skills an employee should possess

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In today’s market, it is essential for any potential employee to exhibit an array of highly valued skills and characteristics. Human Resources professionals are continuously on the lookout for workers with a combination of skills which are essential to succeeding in a complex and global workforce. As companies expand their businesses globally, seek key talent [...]

The Importance of cross-cultural training and management

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When recruiting international employees one important aspect to consider is the cultural differences between their home country and the host country. Although often ignored, these differences can have a long lasting impact on the employee (and their family), affecting their adjustment to their new location, as well as their productivity in the work place. Therefore, [...]

Global Market, Global Mindset

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In today's international market, developing a global mindset is an essential element of good business practice. As companies increase their international activity and expand into new markets, developing cultural awareness becomes increasingly important. From expanding operations offshore and sending key talent overseas, to forming international partnerships and sourcing skills from overseas, cultural intelligence is undoubtedly [...]

December Celebrations Around The World

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Here in Australia as we race through the last fortnight of work before winding down for a Christmas and summer break it can feel like all the world is shopping, decorating, baking and looking towards the Christmas holiday that begins on the 25th of December. Of course we know the reality is different. Around the [...]

China & Australia – Similar Employee Mobility Challenges

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By Julie Yuen, Toll Transitions  I recently attended the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC) Conference in Shanghai on March 19-20, which focused on Talent Mobility in APAC. Worldwide ERC is the recognised association on global mobility concentrating on the forces and changes that shape the movement of employees within and across borders. The conference attracted [...]