The how and why of raising the global mobility function internally

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INTERVIEW WITH ULRIKE FISHER, HEAD OF GLOBAL MOBILITY, CSL The TEMI Taskforce recently interviewed Ulrike Fisher, Head of Global Mobility at CSL, on the benefits of raising the profile of the global mobility function internally. In this interview Ulrike shares insights, useful strategies and 'real world' examples to help guide decision making and planning. Do we need to and why [...]

Leading business through crisis: new directions for global mobility

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GUEST POST BY SUSAN MCGRATHCHAMP, MIHAJILA GAVIN AND ANTHONY FEE, RESEARCHERS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY AND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY Crisis prepared, or crisis prone? Many organisations got through the hugely confronting and chaotic early phase of the pandemic in 2020. Those most prepared for the crisis were able to successfully and confidently [...]

Nominations open for TEMI’s Australasian Workforce Management Awards

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The Employee Mobility Institute (TEMI) is calling on workforce management professionals to share their achievements and be recognised for excellence in their field through the Australasian Workforce Management Awards program. Applications are now open and will close at 5pm Tuesday 31 August. The program is presented by Quest Apartment Hotels and supported by Toll [...]

Engage your workforce by mobilising talent internally

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GUEST POST BY JOANNE FAIR, FOUNDER & CO-CEO, HIVE FUTUREWORK STUDIO Despite a multitude of research which shows humans are designed to crave exploration, experimentation, and learning (Professor Dan Cable, London Business School), we continue to see roles and career paths which operate in the narrow confines of routine and repetition. What makes this [...]

The 2021 TEMI Awards Judging Panel Announced

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The Employee Mobility Institute (TEMI) is pleased to announce the 2021 TEMI Australasian Workforce Management Awards (TEMI Awards) judging panel. The esteemed panel is a mix of senior workforce management professionals and service providers and consists of: Ulrike Fisher, Senior Manager, Global Mobility & Policy, CSL Limited Kerwin Guillermo, Global Head of Employee Mobility, [...]

How to submit a winning awards application

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GUEST POST BY TEMI AWARDS JUDGE, MONIQUE DAWSON, SENIOR MANAGER, PEOPLE ADVISORY SERVICES, ERNST & YOUNG Participating in an awards program is one of the best ways to have your and your teams work recognised, not only amongst your peers and broader network, but also by your colleagues, the profession and the community around you. Based on [...]

The evolution and future of global mobility

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GUEST POST BY GRACE MOBILITY Listen to the Podcast 'The evolution and future of global mobility' with Grace Mobility General Manager, Jane Riley and her guest, TEMI Founder Deborah de Cerff, or read the article below. ........ One of the key issues facing human resources today is mobility. Those unfamiliar with the industry would think that [...]

Corporate relocation and pet transportation

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GUEST POST BY GRACE MOBILITY Listen to the Podcast Grace Mobility Podcast Corporate Relocation | Pet Transportation | Jet Pets with Grace Mobility General Manager, Jane Riley and her guest, Sally Graham from Jet Pets, or read the article below. ........ According to Sally, transporting your pet requires careful, advance planning and organising. The following [...]

COVID-19 vaccines update – May 2021

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GUEST POST BY CIGNA GLOBAL HEALTHAs the global COVID-19 vaccine landscape evolves, review these frequently asked questions and answers regarding vaccines via Cigna Global Health.Which vaccines are currently available?Several COVID-19 vaccines are being administered globally, including:• Pfizer-BioNTech• Moderna• Oxford-AstraZeneca• Johnson & Johnson• Sputnik V• Bharat Biotech• Sinovac• SinopharmThese vaccines have proven to safely prevent the most [...]

Simple ways both large and small organisations can streamline their processes

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We know our audience is a mix of talented global workforce management professionals from both large and small organisations – so while using technology to improve employee experience is the focus for some, streamlining processes to save time and improve efficiency is the key for others. We recently spoke with Anna Michielsen, the General [...]