All I want for Christmas is my stuff

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GUEST POST BY SHANE HICKEY, CORPORATE RELATIONSHIP MANAGER, GRACE MOBILITY Have you ordered your Christmas presents yet? If not, you may want to seriously consider doing so. COVID-19’s impact on the world of shipping has put a significant strain on supply chains in myriad ways. All of which could result in fairly meagre offerings [...]

Toll Transitions: Sustainability in Action

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GUEST POST BY TOLL TRANSITIONS As many who have worked with Toll know, we move the businesses that move the world, and we also move their employees, household goods and pets. Toll’s purpose demonstrates commitment to our customers, people, and ESG (environment, social and governance), with safety always being our top priority. The Transitions [...]

Handle With Care – Relocating Fine Art

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Relocating employees is more than just moving people. It’s a complex process including a person’s entire life, encompassing partners, children, pets and any number of valuable possessions. Managing the movement of an individual or family is hard enough without worrying about fragile belongings such as works of art or antiques. Transportation and storage are [...]

The Long Haul: Selecting the best type of vendor engagement

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Global employee mobility is booming as a growing number of companies go global. As the number of moves multiply, there are greater mobility challenges and decisions for HR specialists to consider than ever before. As a Deloitte report into employee mobility points out, the employee mobility industry was once underpinned by a few specialised [...]

The Four Biggest Tests For A Mobility Manager

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By Jess Tatham-Thompson Cultural Training Consultant, International Consultants Centre With over 25 years of experience in Global mobility and Assignment Management we like to think that we have seen it all.  Yet one of the parts of our work that we love the most is that you never know what each day will bring, there [...]

Why you should use a Relocation Management Company

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Imagine this scenario; you’re the Human Resources Manager of a large international organisation and you been tasked with overseeing an employee relocating to Australia. There are no disputes from the individual, as they’re keen on the opportunity of settling Down Under, meaning any crisis from an Employment Law standpoint has been averted. So you’ve ironed [...]

Is Your Storage Policy Serving Your Needs?

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Over the term of an international assignment, the costs of storage can be significant. Reviewing your company’s policy, in particular as it relates to storage of goods, presents an opportunity to make better use of the company resources available. Current Storage Policy Practices in Australia A recent policy benchmark for Australian companies sending employees overseas [...]