Northern Perth’s Newest Accommodation

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Introducing Quest Joondalup Welcoming guests since its opening in November 2019, Quest Joondalup brings a new standard of apartment hotels to travellers visiting Perth’s northern suburbs. Centrally positioned between the Joondalup Health Campus, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Edith Cowan University and the beautiful Neil Hawkins Park, Quest Joondalup caters for overnight, short and long [...]

Employee Safety – Corporate Housing

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Duty of care. Do you care? Employee Safety: In Australian law, duty of care is ‘a legal duty to take reasonable care not to cause harm to another person that could be reasonably foreseen.’ A duty of care is even breached when a person is injured because of the inaction, of another person. Employers [...]

Technology Travel People Risk and Progress

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Technology Travel Risk People & Progress It comes as no shock that technology is evolving, changing, and becoming more common in our daily and professional lives. We now have devices for devices, and they talk! What is not so visible and unknown to most is the uneven rate of change and how it is [...]

Leveraging Global Career Experience

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Global career experience is a competitive advantage for individuals, teams and businesses but are we getting the most out of it? There is no doubt that in today’s global economy international career experience is an enormous asset for both individuals and businesses alike. However too often there is a lingering question as to just how [...]

Private International Medical Insurance or Travel Insurance?

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Medical health insurance costs money and like every major financial decision, it deserves careful thought. So what are the pros and cons of having international medical insurance? First, the cons. You have to pay for it. And you might never make a claim. But that’s about it. The list of pros is much longer: no worrying about [...]

How long can I suspend my private health insurance when leaving Australia?

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Australia’s health system is simple but full of twists and turns and incorrect actions could be costly. This is especially so with suspension of membership whilst travelling. Private health fund membership may be suspended when travelling overseas for work or leisure and you can suspend private health fund cover for the following period of time: [...]

Preparing Your Company For Employee Overseas Travel

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Do you know the challenges that are involved in sending your employees to work abroad? It’s prudent for businesses that send employees on overseas assignments to assume that Australian work health and safety laws apply. Company officers and managers have a duty of care obligation and must therefore ensure that they fully prepare their company [...]

Travel Safety Alerts

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Travel Safety Alerts Current, accurate and relevant or just more crap to read? There's no argument that organisations have a duty of care to look after their employees during international business travel. Many organisations facilitate this through travel alert services provided by government or commercial information providers. Although this may appear to be a good [...]

Reducing Employee Exposure To Risk

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It’s better to reduce the exposure of employees to threats than to simply plan to respond when incidents occur. Too often, employers implement safety and security initiatives that they believe are effective but when tested, reveal that they won’t make anybody safer. Let’s take an example of organisations (commercial and not-for-profit) with employees working in [...]

Experience or Remuneration?

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What do the next generation of employee's want out of an overseas assignment? In today's global mobility landscape, millennials are quickly becoming an increasingly bigger portion of the workforce and talent pool of which organisations are able to select from. In a recent white paper by Deloitte it is noted that millennials will make up [...]