Extended Stay Accommodation – What Will 2021 Look Like?


The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic this year will certainly be familiar to many people, however what will 2021 look like in the extended stay accommodation space? As industry leaders in the corporate housing space, we share our ‘crystal ball’ predictions as well the agility we have shown as an organisation to adapt to the new normal.

In anticipation of domestic borders re-opening, exemptions now being granted for highly skilled migrants, the positive trajectory of the virus, possible vaccine development and rapid COVID-19 testing, we foresee an increase in corporate travel in Australia early in the new year. Skilled entry will be easier and our sources tell us that Permanent Residency rules will ease as an incentive (keep an eye on our blog page for the latest immigration rules developments).

Alongside the need for the commencement of vital projects to stimulate economic growth, there will be demand for project work and relocations, which will stimulate a requirement for extended stay accommodation from corporate organisations.

Convido Corporate Housing provides an easily scalable accommodation solution which can easily meet your guest’s extended stay needs. It will be likely that the requirements for mandatory quarantine on arrival will continue so a residential space in our apartments will be ideal for your guests, providing them with a safe and secure ‘home away from home’ experience.

We offer an essential service for corporate travellers seeking premium yet cost-effective accommodation solutions and have therefore remained open for business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As an accredited member of the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP), Convido meets all current prescribed regulations and best practice standards for safety, security, customer service and duty of care. We can offer guests complete reassurance around sanitisation. The ‘ASAP Stay with Confidence Promise’ is in part an undertaking to implement precautions to keep staff and guests safe, and we fulfil this promise through comprehensive, standardised processes and procedures in line with the regulations in the countries in which we operate.

Convido continues to offer personalised service for all its valued clients and guests, as executives transition back to work. The ‘personal touch’ has always been our point of difference, and that remains the case now. When you contact us, you can speak with a person, not a computer, for tailored accommodation solutions that truly meet all your needs.

With more time being spent in virtual meetings, a spacious and comfortable work accommodation environment has never been more important. Convido offers a furnished residential apartment already connected to utilities and unlimited complimentary high-speed wi-fi, and ongoing support from a Convido Client Manager just a phone call away.

Apartment features vary to suit a range of budgets, and our team can accommodate additional home office or entertainment requests at the time of booking.

If you have not used us before, you will be pleasantly surprised by how cost-effective our offering is compared to hotel stays and serviced apartments, while providing lower risk and greater convenience over long-term leases.

The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving every day, and our policies are being updated regularly in response. We are agile and able to adapt responsively to meet your changing needs. So, if you have upcoming travel requirements and are interested in booking an apartment with the space, facilities and flexibility you need to keep social distance in self-contained comfort, contact us today.

Convido is very proud of its continuing support of The Employee Mobility Institute and was delighted to once again be part of this year’s 2020 virtual TEMI Awards. Congratulations to Deborah and the team and we look forward to supporting TEMI and Global Mobility Professionals in years to come.


Published by: The Employee Mobility Institute, November 2020  

About the Author:

Chris Miller
Convido Corporate Housing specialises in providing extended stay accommodation for business travellers, offering a range of standard and premium apartments at competitive and cost-effective rates, in sought after locations across Australia and the Philippines, for stays of 28 days or more. Convido is proud to be certified by the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, is a Corporate Housing Providers Association member and is a Platinum Sponsor of the Australasian Global Workforce Management 2019 and 2020 TEMI Awards Gala.

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