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You can register via TEMI Learn which provides information on all our courses and training. We offer a range of learning styles so you can participate in person, access short online courses or a certificate for our industry GMP1 course.
Flexibility is key and we know many are time poor, so you can choose to take advantage of TEMI’s live classroom style seminars and workshops, where you can network with others or complete your professional development on-line in your own time or from your desk at work. The choice is yours.

Visit TEMI Learn for more information.

TEMI CPD program recognises 5 different learning activities:

  1. Formal Mobility Related Education Programs
  2. Informal Shared Learning Events
  3. Conferences, Leadership RoundTables and Master Classes
  4. Individual Industry Involvement for the benefit of educating the community
  5. Publication of articles, whitepapers and research papers

For more information check out our CPD Program overview.

The GMP1® designation signifies to employers and peers that the individual they are working with has the specialist skills to work in the field of talent mobility and is committed to ongoing education to enhance their expertise and extend their area of influence.

This unique program combines theory with practical content, exploring the multidisciplinary skills and knowledge required to effectively manage a globally mobile workforce.

The GMP1 course sets THE benchmark for the corporate, human resources, remuneration and benefits, immigration, taxation, relocation and other associated industries for comprehensive professional talent mobility learning.

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Anyone can enrol to earn their GMP1 professional designation. However, if you have a desire to understand how global business expansion impacts the movement of individuals across country borders and wish to learn the wide range of skills and technical knowledge required to effectively manage a globally mobile workforce and want to update your knowledge, then this course is for you.

It is simple really.

If that is not enough – you can always get involved with one of the many committees or project task forces set up to drive knowledge sharing and innovation.

TEMI is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers and you can certainly join them, if you are keen to contribute to the community.

A number of opportunities exist:

  • Steering Committees
  • Project Task Forces created to champion specific projects and spearhead new initiatives
  • Administrative Support Teams focused on areas such as learning, event management, marketing, sponsorship, and much more.

If you feel your skills might be of benefit to the industry group, let us arrange a coffee and have a chat. Contact us today!

TEMI provides a public global platform for our community to share their insights, research findings or opinions with the global workforce management community.  If you are a budding writer or have something to say about a current or ‘hot’ topic, and want to publish one or a series of articles, blogs or whitepapers in your industry body newsletter, contact us today.
If you are a subject matter expert and have a desire to share your insights with your peers, then we want to hear from you!  Whether you aree new to training or an experienced trainer, we are committed to supporting you with your endeavors. All you need to do is complete this Speaker Request Form. Tell us about your area of expertise, any experience you may have had presenting to small or large groups and what becoming involved in TEMI means to you. Submit the form and we can arrange a chat!
Partnership is several people joining together to accomplish a task or meet a need that is greater than what they could do on their own. At TEMI we recognise that visibility and proactive marketing are essential to you increasing market share and boosting sales. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities and levels of commitment that all provide a high degree of visibility for your company to a global audience of HR and workforce mobility professionals.

If you are keen to partner with The Employee Mobility Institute – contact us today!

TEMI Connect

Sure, as your Industry body we are an independent voice – here to help you with your global workforce management questions. So no matter how big or small the question is, you can contact us via the Chat facility or you can submit an Enquiry. Someone will give you a call to discuss your question – no fees, no obligation. Visit TEMI Connect for more information.
Absolutely not. When you submit your enquiry the TEMI team will consider your needs and refer you to the most suitable Subject Matter Expert, who will then contact you to discuss your query in more depth. No obligations. No Fees. Refer to TEMI Connect for more information.
The Discovery Session is all about helping you determine the most appropriate way forward. The Advisor will assess your initial request and depending on the nature of your enquiry either email you with a quick answer, call you to get a bit more information or recommend you meet in person. This discussion is at no cost to you.
A service proposal is provided when your query requires a comprehensive or technical response. During the Discovery Session you and your advisor will have talked about your needs and identified if a service proposal is warranted. If it is, the advisor will document the scope of the project based on your discussions, highlight your desired outcomes and provide you with a fee quote. If are comfortable that the service proposal captures your needs, that the team has the capabilities to assist you, and you are happy with the fee quote, you simply click ‘accept’ to the Advisor’s offer of support. If for some reason, you decide not to proceed with the Advisor’s offer, you may ‘reject’ the offer. The choice is yours.
Once you click ‘accept’ the Advisor will discuss with you the project key milestones and relevant time lines. They will agree any preferred payment plans and clarify any information required to begin the project. A contract will be drawn up between you and your advisor and once signed, work will commence. If the project requires technical experts across multiple areas (eg: taxation, immigration, employment law, corporate finance, human resources, workforce planning specialists etc) your Advisor will act as the Project Lead ensuring you receive an invoice from one advisor only.
You will receive an immediate response acknowledging your enquiry and providing you with a reference number. This reference number is how we track and monitor your enquiry and your project if you decide to move ahead. You will then be contacted by a subject matter expert who will discuss your enquiry with you.
No. All advisors that make up the TEMI Connect community are independent business owners. When you accept an offer from one of the Advisors you are engaging their business. All Advisors are required to have the relevant qualifications and insurances required to deliver the services you have engaged them for.
We want to ensure you are fully protected every step of the way. All TEMI Connect Advisors use an escrow account to manage the funds transfer process. You have a range of on-line payment options available to you – internet banking, BPay or Credit Card. Alternatively, if you do not want to pay on-line, you can pay via direct debit into an Advisor’s business bank account. The choice is yours.
As we want you to have peace of mind, TEMI Connect recommend using Escrow Angel to process all on-line payments. Escrow Angel is an online escrow and transaction management service that acts as a trusted third party who holds funds during a transaction between a Buyer and Seller and only releases the funds when what has been agreed between the parties has been fulfilled.
Basically it is all about peace of mind.

Your money is protected since the funds are paid to Escrow Angel and not directly to the Advisor!

You only release the funds to the Advisor once you have confirmed delivery of the agreed services!

You have the convenience of paying via a range of on-line payment options via internet banking, BPAY or credit card from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone!

You do not have to go to the bank to obtain a bank cheque.

In the event of a dispute, your funds are securely held by Escrow Angel and only released once the dispute has been resolved.

Your funds are held under the secure custody of National Australia Trustees!

TEMI Connect has chosen Escrow Angel as our preferred escrow transaction service because we are serious about our business integrity and the integrity of the TEMI Connect Advisory community.

The good news is that it is very quick and easy to set up an escrow account. Even better it is FREE!

Visit www.EscrowAngel.com.au for more information

No – You can transfer the funds directly to the Advisor’s bank account in line with the agreed payment terms and timelines.

The choice is yours.