How to win awards (and have strategic impact)


How to win global mobility awards (and have strategic impact)

As a past TEMI Awards winner and judging panel member, and the owner of a business which constantly needs to prove the value of our work to our clients, I’m in a unique position to offer suggestions on how to collect data that  global mobility professionals can use to not only win awards, but also retain a seat at the strategic table.

Leverage your GM superpowers

Most of us in global mobility are first and foremost problem solvers.

We’re not fazed by uncertainty and navigating ambiguity to come up with workable solutions is second nature.

So, when international relocation became one of the many casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic, GM teams rose to the challenge, becoming involved at the highest levels of pandemic response and gaining more recognition within many businesses. A number of TEMI Award nominees told of sitting on executive committees and/or working directly with senior leaders, gaining new recognition and respect for their strategic input. We were given an opportunity to shine.

The challenge now is to remain worthy of that attention and involvement as businesses move out of crisis response mode and into a COVID-BAU over the coming months and years.

We know our input has had impact.  Now we need to present the data and evidence to prove it.

Start gathering

When you’re a time-poor global mobility professional, collecting evidence can seem like a low priority.

Breaking the task down into the following three categories, and using simple digital tools, makes it more manageable to collect material – sometimes without adding to your workload at all.

  • Even if numbers are not your thing, there will  be others in your organisation who love to count.  Rest assured that your procurement or finance team will be able to quantify the savings on a new supplier agreement you’ve negotiated, and you have every right to use those figures too.  Alternatively, don’t overlook measuring the impact of even minor changes.  For example, if you’ve designed a new process which you know will improve efficiency, track your time over a few days using toggle and you’ll have some before and after statistics to prove its worth.
  • Case studies.Many TEMI Award nominees told engaging stories about their achievements.  It’s not a big step to turn these into case studies.  Get creative about who you feature – COVID has given many global mobility professionals unprecedented access to senior management.  Can you interview them to add insights?
  • Capturing and aggregating what people say about your work turns it into data about employee satisfaction and your performance.   Send simple surveys to a range of stakeholders (assignees, managers) on a regular basis.  Google Forms is particularly good for this as it can collate and graph your data to produce reports.  Tap into your external global mobility partners too, and utilise their data or work with them to collect feedback you can both use.

Make sharing evidence a habit

Presenting proof about the value of your work on a regular basis is a key tool in building credibility over time.

  • Set goals about the type and quantity of evidence you want to collect over the next six months and how it will support your work.
  • Make a point of reporting back to your team on what you’re finding.How can your evidence help them work better or more efficiently?
  • Tell the wider global mobility community.Post on Linked In, speak up in TEMI meetings – your peers will be interested in what you are achieving.
  • Explore partnerships with other parts of the business to collect and exchange evidence.This keeps you connected and helps cement the wider strategic contribution of global mobility in areas such as HR ( talent management, career planning, employee experience) or cost management (finance or procurement).
  • Be innovative about how you present evidence to gain maximum impact.A case study doesn’t have to be two pages of text.  PowerPoint or Google Slides are more engaging and you could even record yourself presenting it with Screencastomaic.
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Bridget Romanes
Through her background as an expat, international trade negotiator, communicator and analyst, Bridget brings new perspectives to the global mobility industry. Partnering with New Zealand and international businesses, Bridget and her team provide specialist services to recruit, resettle, retain and develop the offshore and expat talent on which the New Zealand economy depends. Bridget also welcomes the opportunity to share, through speaking engagements and consultancy, the insights gained through this multi-faceted experience of global mobility. You can reach Bridget via email on

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