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Working Together To Build A Strong & Resilient Community

Here at The Employee Mobility Institute ( TEMI ) we recognise that there are some individuals who are passionate about their chosen area of specialisation and the continued growth of the Global Workforce Management Industry sector.

Like TEMI, they want to make a difference!

With this in mind, TEMI established the Industry Development Taskforce (IDT).

Open to professionals recognised as experts in their field and who wish to contribute to the growth and future success of the Global Workforce Management Industry.

Taskforce members are committed to:

  • Building stronger relationships, and

  • Developing new initiatives providing added value to individuals and businesses operating in the global environment.

The IDT supports TEMI’s community members Connect, Advance, Learn and Lead within their chosen discipline.

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TEMI Taskforce Members Are Committed To …


As a member of The Employee Mobility Institute, taskforce members agree to abide by the following principles of professional conduct.

  • In my professional dealings with others I will be respectful and guided by the fundamental tenets of integrity and fairness

  • I will be forthright and honest in my undertakings with fellow members and with others

  • I will foster and endeavour to strengthen relationships with my professional colleagues, utilising their skills where appropriate

  • I will be passionate about creating a difference and continually striving towards lifting the standard of the global workforce management profession within the Australasia and international communities

  • I will take personal responsibility to uphold and enhance the good reputation, honour, integrity and dignity of the global workforce management industry

  • I commit to promoting professional standards of competence within the industry, including peer support in their quest for self-development

  • I will maintain and continue to enhance my professional development in order to perform my role diligently and competently

  • I will collaborate and cooperate openly and respectfully with others and participate readily without self-promotion, always respecting the confidentiality of my fellow members and others invited to share their expertise

  • I will not misrepresent The Employee Mobility Institute or bring it into disrepute, and will at all times avoid conflicts of interest with regard to professional activities, financial considerations or other interests

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