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The Employee Mobility Institute ( TEMI ) is pleased to offer the corporate community a world first insurance product.

Aimed at:

  • Alleviating the financial stress for candidates being deployed to Australia, and

  • Providing employers with a way to address any fears the candidate may express about leaving family behind or job security.

This unique benefit takes the ‘what if’s out of any recruitment discussions about relocating to Australia for a new job role.

Find out how you can benefit from Migration Protect!

Sometimes the unexpected happens!

Personal or Family Illness, Involuntary Retrenchment, Employer Insolvency

Migration Protect Insurance protects the transferee (and family) from the unexpected costs of returning to their country of origin.

As more employers turn to offering local packages to offshore candidates, individuals and their families are required to carefully weigh up the opportunities that come with a new job and lifestyle in Australia with the financial risks associated with migrating to a new country.

The cost to a new migrant for education, health care, housing and day to day living means can be significant. Often they invariably make a leap of faith to pursue a job or lifestyle dream to provide their families and themselves with a way of life most of us take for granted.

Given everything a migrant has put on the line financially in search of their new life, it makes little sense not to have insurance that is able to reimburse unexpected expenses such as

– an emergency return home,

– assistance in finding alternative employment following redundancy,

– loss of bonds such as tenancy rental,

– financial planning advice, or

– the costs for a permanent return to their Country of Origin should the migrant and their families have no other choice. Airfares, removalists, rental bonds even pet transportation are included in the cover.

Never before has this type of protection been available in Australia!

Visas holders currently eligible for this type of Insurance cover are:

186 – Employer Nomination

187 – Regional Sponsored

189 – Skilled Independent

190 – Skilled Nominated

457 – Temporary work (Skilled)

485 – Temporary Graduate

489 – Skilled Nominated Sponsored Regional (Provisional)

Permanent Migrants

For Visas not otherwise listed please contact info@migrationprotect.co and the team will advise eligibility.

Certain covers such as Travel commence on the date of departure whilst others such as Repatriation commence on date of arrival in your Host Country.
The policy is purchased by the transferee using a Credit Card.

Or the employing Organisation can pay for the policy as an incentive to attract the right person.

Your employee can apply on-line – Click Here

Alternatively, if you’re interested in adding this program to your employee benefits program Click Here to enquire about the TEMI Group Corporate Benefit Option.

If in the unfortunate event a claim needs to be made, the claimant should call Migration Protect’s claims department on +61 3 9246 2666

Let Migration Protect give you peace of mind!

Relocatee? Apply Now!


Add To Benefits Program? Enquire Now!