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Project Description

The Client

An Australian individual was to embark on a 3 year secondment to Papua New Guinea with his wife and two children. He was the first employee of his company (a small oil and gas producer) that was being sent abroad and was concerned that his employer had not considered all the aspects of his global mobility secondment.

The Brief

The individual contacted TEMI connect, seeking a full review of his current secondment package and offerings, and to understand if there were any additional areas he should look into prior to his departure.

The Solution

TEMI Connect performed a thorough review of his situation. In the review it is discovered that there were two significant areas that had been overlooked and recommended that he seek independent advice from:

  • A financial planner
  • An international personal security firm

The individual agreed and TEMI Connect arranged the necessary meetings prior to his departure.

The Result

As arranged, the individual and his wife held briefings with both the financial planner and international personal security advisor. In the meeting with the financial planner, it was discovered that neither the individual nor his wife had current wills nor did they have appropriate life insurance. This was arranged prior to their departure. When they arrived in Papua New Guinea, they were provided with a security pick up and drop off to their new lodgings (arranged through their security advisor). In the security briefings they are also given useful advice to assist them in avoiding unsafe situations in their new location.