AECOM and its approach to mobility

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AECOM is a premier, fully integrated professional and technical services firm positioned to design, build, finance and operate infrastructure assets around the world for public- and private-sector clients. With nearly 100,000 employees — including architects, engineers, designers, planners, scientists and management and construction services professionals — AECOM serves clients in over 150 countries. AECOM provides a blend [...]

What is cultural intelligence?

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In today’s global market, an international mindset is paramount to good business practice. From staff relocating to our shores, to Australian talent assigned overseas and to the majority of employees who interact on a daily basis with colleagues, suppliers, customers and clients based in other countries, cultural intelligence is the key to success. Patti McCarthy [...]

Global Market, Global Mindset

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In today's international market, developing a global mindset is an essential element of good business practice. As companies increase their international activity and expand into new markets, developing cultural awareness becomes increasingly important. From expanding operations offshore and sending key talent overseas, to forming international partnerships and sourcing skills from overseas, cultural intelligence is undoubtedly [...]