The Four Biggest Tests For A Mobility Manager

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By Jess Tatham-Thompson Cultural Training Consultant, International Consultants Centre With over 25 years of experience in Global mobility and Assignment Management we like to think that we have seen it all.  Yet one of the parts of our work that we love the most is that you never know what each day will bring, there [...]

Relocating During Periods of Unrest

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  By Julie Granek Cultural Training Consultant, International Consultants Centre As a cultural training consultant, I recently facilitated a pre-departure briefing for a family relocating to France. At this time, they advised to exercise normal safety precautions. Within days, a cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice. This scenario is becoming increasingly common [...]

What is cultural intelligence?

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In today’s global market, an international mindset is paramount to good business practice. From staff relocating to our shores, to Australian talent assigned overseas and to the majority of employees who interact on a daily basis with colleagues, suppliers, customers and clients based in other countries, cultural intelligence is the key to success. Patti McCarthy [...]

The Importance of cross-cultural training and management

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When recruiting international employees one important aspect to consider is the cultural differences between their home country and the host country. Although often ignored, these differences can have a long lasting impact on the employee (and their family), affecting their adjustment to their new location, as well as their productivity in the work place. Therefore, [...]