How to fast track the school enrolment process when relocating

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Moving house can be an exciting, but stressful, endeavour. When a family has school-aged children, this stress can be compounded ten-fold: what if a suburb may be practically perfect for the adult members of a family, but there are no appropriate schools nearby? Chicken and the egg So what comes first, the new school or [...]

Why you should use a Relocation Management Company

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Imagine this scenario; you’re the Human Resources Manager of a large international organisation and you been tasked with overseeing an employee relocating to Australia. There are no disputes from the individual, as they’re keen on the opportunity of settling Down Under, meaning any crisis from an Employment Law standpoint has been averted. So you’ve ironed [...]

How to keep your employee mobility skills up to date

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In the rapidly evolving industry of global mobility, it is absolutely essential to stay abreast of current trends, skills and changes. Employee mobility has advanced significantly in past years and has become a sophisticated and interconnected industry. The Employee Mobility Institute is committed to providing quality education programs to support businesses and individuals with knowledge [...]

Education in Australia

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Understanding the different education systems and schooling options can be daunting when first investigating options for children. In Australia there are government and non-government pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. It is compulsory for all children to attend school from six years old with the leaving age varying between 16 to17 years of age depending on [...]