Winning The War For Global Talent

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Winning the war for global talent By 2020 it is estimated there will be a 10% shortfall in supply of highly skilled workers in developed economies worldwide[1].  Successful international businesses are deepening their understanding of the global employee experience, and taking action to become employers of choice.  Talent attraction and retention – particularly to [...]

Professional Profiles – Meet Monique Dawson

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"We are seeing great developments and innovations across the industry.... going on that journey with companies is really exciting"  Deborah de Cerff, TEMI, catches up with one of TEMI's new Industry Development Taskforce Members, Monique Dawson, Senior Manager - People Advisory Services at Ernst & Young, Melbourne, Australia TEMI: Monique, tell us a bit [...]

Preparing For The Future Of Work

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Embracing a mobile and agile mindset The future of work, the fourth industrial revolution, agile organizations -- all buzzwords and ideas thrown around which all amount to the same thing; the way we work is changing. That change, largely driven by technology, globalization and changing employee demographics, will mean different things to different organizations [...]

Global Market, Global Mindset

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In today's international market, developing a global mindset is an essential element of good business practice. As companies increase their international activity and expand into new markets, developing cultural awareness becomes increasingly important. From expanding operations offshore and sending key talent overseas, to forming international partnerships and sourcing skills from overseas, cultural intelligence is undoubtedly [...]