Getting it right the first time

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On 1st June 2013, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (previously known as the DIAC) introduced some legislative amendments to application criteria for migrant worker visas. The most common of these – the 457 visa – was also subject to a rise in application processing costs of almost 400% as part of the overall [...]

Employee Mobility Down Under

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During the past year, Australian business has been affected by changes to immigration policy, tax legislation and economic flux. These factors have had a significant impact on employee mobility in Australia. New immigration policies have increased the cost and duration of visa application. Tim Denney, Managing Director at Berry Appleman & Leiden asserts that there [...]

International Business Travel: Risky Business?

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Business visitor current landscape The business visitor visa continues to top the list as one of the trickiest and highest areas of risk in the global mobility world (alongside mergers and acquisitions and contract/project type arrangements from an immigration law perspective) and concerns relating to it continue to grow and cause havoc. Along with the [...]