New casual employment laws have come into effect

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GUEST POST BY MARTIN ALDEN & JESSICA CIRNIGLIARO, CORNWALL'S Does your business or organisation have any casual employees? If so, you should be aware that new laws recently came into effect which have significant implications for the employment of casuals. The laws provide greater certainty to employers, but also a greater administrative burden. The changes [...]

Your Home Hunter Partners with TEMI

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TEMI is pleased to announce a new partnership with Australia’s leading renters advocacy service, Your Home Hunter. Your Home Hunter works with busy professionals to find the right rental property to call home. They take the stress out of securing a rental by managing the entire process – from working through the wish list to securing [...]

Millennials and tech

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GUEST POST BY GRACE MOBILITY Grace caters to Gen X and Gen Y’s tech obsession Did you know that millennials (or Gen Y ages 24-39 years, and Gen Z, under 24 years) make up almost half the world’s population and over a third of the workforce?  With that in mind, it’s no surprise that [...]

Helping them settle in – Why finding a community is so important

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GUEST POST BY WENDY EVA-SCOTT, PRINCIPAL, YOUR HOME HUNTER I’ve long believed that a 'home' is so much more than just the property you live in. It’s the sense of comfort and security that place provides. It’s the life that you build there and the connection you have with not just that specific place, [...]

Networking in a virtual world: Dress up, turn up and turn on!

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GUEST POST BY JANE RILEY, GENERAL MANAGER, GLOBAL MOBILITY AT GRACE Networking in a Virtual World Dress Up – Turn Up and Turn On! Hello to all the TEMI virtual attendees who attended the super fun March virtual event!  And hello to those who didn’t make it, we hope to see you at the [...]

GMP1® global mobility training – Is professional development on your 2021 to-do list?

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GMP1® global mobility training If you’re new to HR or global mobility, it may have recently become glaringly obvious to you that the skills required for a role in talent mobility weren’t entirely covered in your university degree. In fact, if you surveyed a handful of the industry’s most accomplished professionals, the likelihood is, [...]

Migration Update: Inquiry into Australia’s skilled migration program

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Guest post by Amanda Tinner, Visa Executive Australian Government may reserve places on flights and in quarantine for skilled migrants A Coalition-dominated committee reviewing Australia’s skilled migration program handed down its interim report last week, including a controversial recommendation that the Government reserve places on flights and in quarantine for skilled migrants. The COVID-19 [...]

COVID-19: Can organisations require assignees and business travellers to be vaccinated?

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GUEST POST BY ANNA MICHIELSEN, GENERAL MANAGER, ECA INTERNATIONAL Many countries continue to grapple with the impact of Covid-19 on their economies with some reimposing strict restrictions on their residents after caseloads rebounded during the winter period in the northern hemisphere. Nonetheless, the commencement of a vaccination programme in many countries offers us hope [...]

Migration Update: Australian Global Talent Program

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TEMI Migration Update - February 2021 Guest post by Amanda Tinner, Visa Executive Update On The Global Talent Program The Australian Immigration Department has spent a lot of money on promoting the Global Talent Program over the last 12 months and compete with the brightest and best for global talent along with countries such [...]

TEMI Talent Mobility Huddles for policy makers and policy influencers

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Created to inspire and galvanise talent mobility leaders, TEMI Talent Mobility 'Huddles’ are exclusive to in-house HR and mobility practitioners and limited to 10 professionals at the same organisational level per Huddle. Providing a space for in-depth discussions and the opportunity to workshop and problem-solve pressing challenges, attendees can either put forward their own [...]