Meet Margaret McCartney

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Margaret McCartney is a celebrated pioneer of the Australian relocation industry. As the founder and CEO of Expat International, Margaret shares her extraordinary journey of 30 years in the relocation profession.   How did you begin in this business? In 1983, I founded Expat International’s relocation services and in 1985 I introduced migration consultancy services. [...]

CSL Limited and its approach to mobility

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CSL Limited, an international pharmaceutical company headquartered here in Melbourne, has a workforce of more than 12,000 people worldwide with major facilities in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. CSL also has commercial operations in many other countries around the globe. Deborah de Cerff, Founder of TEMI, discussed CSL Limited’s commitment to global mobility [...]

Why you should use a Relocation Management Company

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Imagine this scenario; you’re the Human Resources Manager of a large international organisation and you been tasked with overseeing an employee relocating to Australia. There are no disputes from the individual, as they’re keen on the opportunity of settling Down Under, meaning any crisis from an Employment Law standpoint has been averted. So you’ve ironed [...]

The Importance of cross-cultural training and management

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When recruiting international employees one important aspect to consider is the cultural differences between their home country and the host country. Although often ignored, these differences can have a long lasting impact on the employee (and their family), affecting their adjustment to their new location, as well as their productivity in the work place. Therefore, [...]

Relocating to Perth

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It may be the world’s most isolated city but Perth is unquestionably a gem in Australia’s landscape. Situated in Western Australia, over 3000km from Sydney and nearly 4000km from Singapore, relocation to this remote city presents some unique challenges. Named the ‘City of Lights’ by US astronauts, the city boasts the highest ratio of restaurants [...]