Cigna Health 2021 Industry Outlook

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GUEST POST BY JOANA SOUSA, CEO & COUNTRY MANAGER, CIGNA AUSTRALIA In recent years, Australia has been navigating issues such as an increasingly ageing population, escalating pressures on the health system and climate change. These all pose long-term challenges for its economic growth, living standards and government finances. Looking at the healthcare industry, there [...]

ECA International 2021 Insights

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GUEST POST BY ANNA MICHIELSEN, GENERAL MANAGER, ECA INTERNATIONAL ECA is seeing companies adapt and change to survive and thrive in 2021 and beyond.  Over 50% of companies plan to continue using virtual assignments post-pandemic 20% of companies have increased or are planning to increase the use of technology in their global mobility (GM) [...]

Winning The War For Global Talent

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Winning the war for global talent By 2020 it is estimated there will be a 10% shortfall in supply of highly skilled workers in developed economies worldwide[1].  Successful international businesses are deepening their understanding of the global employee experience, and taking action to become employers of choice.  Talent attraction and retention – particularly to [...]

Topia’s Asia Pacific presence continues to grow

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TOPIA grows its APAC presence. Topia is thrilled to be steadily growing its presence in the APAC market, with our new Customer Success Manager, Chantelle Perez, joining Rebecca Applewhite and Nick Martin in the Melbourne office. Who is Topia? Topia is the unifier of your global mobility ecosystem, by providing a software platform that powers [...]

Assignment Experience Redefined – Hannah Richardson Reveals BGRS’ Ambitious Plans

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BGRS identifies the juxtaposition between the ‘on-demand culture’ and ‘experience personalisation’ as a future mega trend set to influence the Talent Mobility Sector.   Hannah Richardson is a respected leader in the global employee mobility sector. Based in London, Hannah holds the role of senior vice president and general manager for EMEA and APAC. She [...]

Nicola Milks Mobility Opportunities For Fonterra

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When an opportunity to move to New Zealand to accept a role with global dairy giant Fonterra came up, Nicola Spencer didn’t look back. It was a far cry from the HR role she held for a Sydney engineering consultancy in various human resources roles and was ready for a fresh challenge. The Sydneysider has [...]

The Changing World of Work

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In this issue, Deborah de Cerff, TEMI Founder, talks with Brynne Kennedy, Topia CEO, about the opportunities and challenges global mobility has for today’s changing workforce. Brynne Kennedy, Founder / CEO Topia Three major trends have changed the nature of work today: (1) an increasingly global and complex inter-dependent economy, (2) changing demographics [...]

Technology Provides the Path to Informed Decision Making

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Information is essential to all companies, however many organizations struggle to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. Having a comprehensive technology solution and strategy gives Global Mobility professionals the ability to access information quickly and easily. In today’s environment where Global Mobility professionals are constantly being asked to do more with fewer resources, technology solutions which [...]

Redefining global mobility – who are we?

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Who are we indeed, a very simple question but one that increasingly is becoming harder to answer, with any sense of real conviction? Who will we need to be tomorrow is therefore a puzzle for global mobility professionals, HR practitioners, corporates and vendors alike. Imagine your global mobility role in 2020, the work you are [...]