Northern Perth’s Newest Accommodation

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Introducing Quest Joondalup Welcoming guests since its opening in November 2019, Quest Joondalup brings a new standard of apartment hotels to travellers visiting Perth’s northern suburbs. Centrally positioned between the Joondalup Health Campus, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Edith Cowan University and the beautiful Neil Hawkins Park, Quest Joondalup caters for overnight, short and long [...]

Employee Safety – Corporate Housing

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Duty of care. Do you care? Employee Safety: In Australian law, duty of care is ‘a legal duty to take reasonable care not to cause harm to another person that could be reasonably foreseen.’ A duty of care is even breached when a person is injured because of the inaction, of another person. Employers [...]

Collaboration Lowers Costs Delivering Stress-free Relocations For Telstra

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Collaboration lowers costs and delivers stress-free relocations for Telstra An open and solutions-focused partnership between Telstra and Toll Transitions was recognised with the Most Valued Service Provider Collaboration Award at the 2019 TEMI Gala Awards.  Telstra is synonymous with telecommunications in Australia but it is also a global technology company, employing a contingent workforce [...]

Australian’s Living Overseas Impacted by Tax Changes

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New tax law removes the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption on the sale of a Main Residence for many Australian’s living overseas In a tax change which will likely be of concern and interest to many Australian’s living overseas, on 5 December 2019 a Bill to remove the main residence capital gains tax exemption [...]

Meet Our “Mobility Champion of the Year”: Ashley Croxford Wins Prestigious TEMI Award

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Ashley Croxford draws on expat experience and passion to bolster the industry Ashley Croxford, who leads the employee mobility function in Australasia for consulting firm Arup, took home the most prestigious award for an individual at the inaugural TEMI Gala Awards in November 2019. Ashley won ‘Champion of the Year’—sponsored by Grace—in recognition of [...]

Relocation and Extended Stays

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A smart option for work relocations and extended stays When business needs require an employee to spend an extended period of time away from home, or relocate to another city or country, Airbnb for Work can provide an accommodation solution that gives corporate travel and mobility managers a flexible option for long-term stays and [...]

Keeping Frequent Business Travellers Motivated

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We know frequent business travel can take it's toll on the business traveller. What do we need to do to keep them motivated and happy? INFORMATION SESSION If you'd like to know how Airbnb for Work could enhance your frequent flyer and employee mobility policies, click through the link to register your interest. [...]

Handle With Care – Relocating Fine Art

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Relocating employees is more than just moving people. It’s a complex process including a person’s entire life, encompassing partners, children, pets and any number of valuable possessions. Managing the movement of an individual or family is hard enough without worrying about fragile belongings such as works of art or antiques. Transportation and storage are [...]

Employee Wellbeing: The Quest For All Companies With A Mobile Workforce

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A Quest for all companies with a mobile workforce In 2017, 2.2 million Australians flew for work purposes. While relocating talent temporarily or permanently is valuable for a company, the employees’ health and wellbeing may suffer in the process. Research has found that not all companies are completely aware of the emotional, physical and [...]

Repatriating Global Talent to Australia

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Repatriation - Retaining Globally Experienced Employees In a world that is more connected and globalised than ever before, the prospect of living and working abroad continues to remain a valuable opportunity for businesses and individuals alike. However, when the time inevitably arrives for individuals to repatriate home after an overseas assignment, there is a [...]