Why is it important to keep learning?

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In a dynamic and constantly evolving industry such as global mobility, ongoing learning provides a number of benefits. Choosing to dedicate time to study the industry and learn from experts in the field, endows you with invaluable knowledge. Further learning will immerse you in the mobility sphere and provide you with a distinct advantage in [...]

Top 5 skills an employee should possess

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In today’s market, it is essential for any potential employee to exhibit an array of highly valued skills and characteristics. Human Resources professionals are continuously on the lookout for workers with a combination of skills which are essential to succeeding in a complex and global workforce. As companies expand their businesses globally, seek key talent [...]

Tips for Success

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Are you an ‘expert’ in your field, having great knowledge or skill? Are you ‘professional’ in your work practices with special education or training in a recognised profession or industry body?  Are you a ‘specialist’ in what you do? I would like to think all of my clients see the first two attributes [expert and [...]

How to keep your employee mobility skills up to date

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In the rapidly evolving industry of global mobility, it is absolutely essential to stay abreast of current trends, skills and changes. Employee mobility has advanced significantly in past years and has become a sophisticated and interconnected industry. The Employee Mobility Institute is committed to providing quality education programs to support businesses and individuals with knowledge [...]