Private International Medical Insurance or Travel Insurance?

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Medical health insurance costs money and like every major financial decision, it deserves careful thought. So what are the pros and cons of having international medical insurance? First, the cons. You have to pay for it. And you might never make a claim. But that’s about it. The list of pros is much longer: no worrying about [...]

Travel Safety – Are traditional approaches still enough?

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As Australian companies continue to expand into places like Africa, South-East Asia and the Middle-East, business travellers are being sent to a variety of unfamiliar and challenging environments, often within short timeframes and with less preparation than traditional long-term expatriates. So how can organisations meet their duty of care towards this growing number of employees? [...]

December Celebrations Around The World

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Here in Australia as we race through the last fortnight of work before winding down for a Christmas and summer break it can feel like all the world is shopping, decorating, baking and looking towards the Christmas holiday that begins on the 25th of December. Of course we know the reality is different. Around the [...]