Recruiting key talent during COVID-19

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Emily Rourke, Coles Group's National Talent Acquisition Manager - Retail Leadership recently shared her learnings from recruiting key talent during COVID-19 and her best strategies for attracting, engaging and securing candidates in this unique environment, in our first Spotlight Series webinar for the year. This guest post covers all of the best bits of the webinar. GUEST POST [...]

The Great Resignation

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GUEST POST BY SHANE HICKEY, CORPORATE RELATIONSHIP MANAGER, GRACE MOBILITY The 1920’s had the great depression, the 2000’s had the great recession, but what do we have? If you were worried that this decade was going to be unremarkable, fear not. It appears we are in the middle of our own great economic event; [...]

The how and why of raising the global mobility function internally

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INTERVIEW WITH ULRIKE FISHER, HEAD OF GLOBAL MOBILITY, CSL The TEMI Taskforce recently interviewed Ulrike Fisher, Head of Global Mobility at CSL, on the benefits of raising the profile of the global mobility function internally. In this interview Ulrike shares insights, useful strategies and 'real world' examples to help guide decision making and planning. Do we need to and why [...]

Leading business through crisis: new directions for global mobility

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GUEST POST BY SUSAN MCGRATHCHAMP, MIHAJILA GAVIN AND ANTHONY FEE, RESEARCHERS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY AND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY Crisis prepared, or crisis prone? Many organisations got through the hugely confronting and chaotic early phase of the pandemic in 2020. Those most prepared for the crisis were able to successfully and confidently [...]

The evolution and future of global mobility

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GUEST POST BY GRACE MOBILITY Listen to the Podcast 'The evolution and future of global mobility' with Grace Mobility General Manager, Jane Riley and her guest, TEMI Founder Deborah de Cerff, or read the article below. ........ One of the key issues facing human resources today is mobility. Those unfamiliar with the industry would think that [...]