TEMI – Enhance Your Global Leadership Skills

//TEMI – Enhance Your Global Leadership Skills
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Enhance Your Global Leadership Skills


Watch Your Global Team Excel

Building A Global Mindset

We all come in varied shapes and sizes with a myriad of learnings and experiences that can only enhance a teams performance.

As a leader, recognising and harnessing these points of difference can be a game changer.

Who Is This Program Suitable For
  • Business professionals willing to develop their own mindset

  • Individuals who want to perform on a global scale

  • Individuals wanting to acquire a set of skills that will help get the best from a culturally diverse team

What You Will Learn
  • Understand and explore your unconscious bias

  • Explore how emotional intelligence influences your leadership style

  • Learn techniques to develop a roadmap to build a high performing, globally effective team

Why Complete This Program
  • Gain an insight into how a global mindset can positively impact your personal and professional relationships and enhance business results

  • Discover your unique leadership style

  • Position your team to win in an agile, digital and ever-changing workforce

Individual Sessions Are Customised To Meet Your Leadership Needs

Program comprises of 3 private 1:1 sessions

Sessions maybe held in person or virtually

  An option for a further 3 sessions is available for those wishing to expand their learning

Includes 20 minute exploratory discussion to identify key needs and leadership objectives

Price on Application

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