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Is your Organisation Going Global? Do You Work In A Globally Diverse Team?

Developing a global mindset just doesn’t happen!

It needs to grow and be developed.

Global Mindset Workshop TEMI

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Individual & Team Coaching Sessions Available

What Is A Global Mindset And Why Is It Important


  • What challenges do you face as a business professional working in a global environment?

  • Are you culturally minded or jaded?

  • How can you better interact with your stakeholders?

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Enhance Your Global Leadership Skills

Coaching For Individuals

  • Understand and explore your unconscious bias

  • Explore how emotional intelligence influences your leadership style

  • Develop tools and techniques to develop high achieving global teams

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Develop Your Teams Global Mindset

Coaching For Teams

  • As a team discover what a global mindset is

  • Explore the benefits of a global mindset and why it matters

  • Equip team members with handy tools to maximise individual and team effectiveness

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Your TEMI Coach

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Khursheen Jesia

As a coach, Khursheen believes we are born with a natural curiosity and wonder that manages to go astray under the many layers of life.

Khursheen works with individuals and teams using coaching tools and techniques to bring about self-awareness toward our mental wiring and limited beliefs.

With multiple years’ experience working in globally diverse teams and having relocated herself from India to Australia, Khursheen understands the challenges and barriers we face as individuals and leaders operating in a global team environment.

Khursheen delivers bespoke global mindset coaching programs designed to suit individual and team needs and goals; in turn increasing employee engagement and helping to realise one’s own potential.