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TEMI CPD Approved Event

TEMI CPD Recognition was established to assist International HR and Global Mobility Professionals clarify which training programs and/or events will offer them the necessary professional development to expand their learnings, advance their career pathway and position themselves for the future.

To qualify for Industry Recognised CPD Points, learning events and educational activities are assessed and approved by TEMI’s CPD Assessment Panel against a set of quality criteria that encompass International HR and Global Mobility professional and educational requirements.

Why Is It Relevant To You?

Each year Global Mobility Professionals are encourage to complete a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activities to meet their professional development requirements.

TEMI provides a number of CPD events per year as do a number of other organisations from different industry disciplines.These programs provide a wide range of learning opportunities across a myriad of industry disciplines – payroll, procurement, taxation, immigration, relocation, human resources, talent management, risk management and the list goes on.

With this in mind, TEMI recognises learning events and courses that deliver high quality information and meet the educational CPD needs of those working in the mobility industry.

Why should we ensure our event is CPD Recognised?

TEMI CPD Recognition grants you

  • use of the approved TEMI CPD Recognition logo for promotional purposes,
  • a dedicated website listing on the TEMI website, and
  • direct promotion of your activity to the TEMI membership via the quarterly TEMI enewsletter in the period your application is approved.

Displaying the TEMI CPD Recognition logo on your activities promotional materials and Certificates Of Attendance, identifies to employers that the activity is one of quality and relevance to the global workforce management community.

Mobility Professionals can have confidence that the activity has met TEMI standards. Further, Mobility Professionals can clearly identify that the activity will help them meet their professional development requirement of 20 hours CPD per annum.

Applying for TEMI CPD Recognition

If you want to have your event or education activity TEMI CPD Recognised, simply complete the CPD Application Form and forward to Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for your application to be assessed.

Once approved the event or education activity will be given TEMI CPD Recognition status, remaining valid for the period linked to the activity application, as long as the content does not change by more than 10%.

Where the content changes by more than 10% a new Application must be submitted and approved by TEMI if the program is to continue to qualify for TEMI CPD Recognition.

Licence Fees

Application and assessment of your event is free.

Should your learning activity qualify for TEMI CPD Recognition, a licence fee to use the TEMI CPD Approved Logo will be incurred. Once off event recognition is available, as are multi-occurrence activities or two year event schedules. Refer to the CPD Application Form for licence fee details.

What external activities have been approved?

Click here to see those learning programs that will earn TEMI CPD Points.